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We have members 30s, 40s and 50s & early 60s and the majority of the age range is 35 - 55.

We do not mind if people are younger or older than this but this is the majority.

Contact Singles started as a singles social club in London in 1994 and has grown over the years.

We have a big following and reach max 250 at our singles parties in bar and hotel venues in London with lots of new members constantly joining.

You can create your profile straightaway and let other members know all about your life and what you are looking for.

Personal details should not be included, but you might like to tell people about your family and friends, hobbies and interests, favourite books, films, music or food and anything else you can think of!

There are now more single men in their thirties than women, according to researchers at Edinburgh University.

However, it does mean that you have to be prepared to think a bit outside of the boxes that you tick in order to find what you are looking for - a loving relationship.

Don't compromise on chemistry, but recognise that, insisting every date you go on earns over a certain amount a year, has sandy blonde hair and likes *exactly* the same music as you, means that you're already decreasing pool of available men, will end up in single figures.

When it comes to finding love, women in their thirties need to lower their expectations.

They need to compromise, stop being so fussy and realise that the older you get the less of a position you are in to start making wild demands about what you expect from a partner. Being a woman pushing forty myself, I would like to have a pound for every woman of a similar age who has spent hours reeling off a list of what she requires in a partner, only to follow it up by moaning about how she can never meet anyone.

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