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For more information, please explore the links below: The School Readiness Indicators Initiative was a multi-state initiative that uses child well-being indicators to build a change agenda in states and local communities in order to improve school readiness and ensure early school success.

The task of participating states was to develop a set of child outcome and systems indicators for children from birth through the fourth-grade reading test, an important red flag for children most at-risk for poor long-term outcomes, such as dropping out of school, teen pregnancy, and juvenile crime.

Whatever you think about vaccination, think hard before you endorse the idea that the government should be able to mandate a profitable but invasive medical procedure without informed consent.A few days ago, The Washington Post published an op-ed piece by a medical ethicist who thinks that all doctors who have concerns about vaccines should lose their licenses.Last week, it was parents who don’t vaccinate their children should be jailed or sued.Council to Take Up Issue at Meeting on March 7 The three-year pact calls for increased nurse staffing levels and places limits on nurses’ patient assignments, while providing wage and benefit improvements to help recruit and retain the staff needed to ensure quality patient care An MNA Labor School Workshop on "Right to Work"; Programs in Each Region Agreement between Massachusetts Nurses Association will improve patient experience by securing key enhancements in working conditions for nurses Than be sure to attend one of these upcoming regional meetings Americans Trust Nurses More Than Any Other Profession, Have Ranked Highest in Annual Poll Since 2002 Marches on Boston and Washington, DC are scheduled for Jan. The VNAB Demands Nurses Accept Contract Changes That Would Negatively Impact Patient Care and Drastically Cut Nurse Pension Benefits Hospitals Already Struggling with Overcrowded EDs See Longer Waits for Treatment, More Risk of Death When Nurses Have More Patients Jeannine Williams passed away at age 81 on Saturday, Oct. How to directly help the efforts to stop #Bakers Bad Medicine and ensure safe medication administration for all patients in Massachusetts More than 10,000 people and counting have signed a petition urging Gov. Legislative Letter Cites Nurses’ Sacrifice During Difficult Financial Times, Points to Proposed Wage and Benefit/Pension Cuts and Working Conditions that Have Resulted in the Loss of 41 Percent of the Nurses on Staff Faulkner Nurses Standing up for Patients and Their Profession, Fighting for Improved Hospital Security, Safe Staffing Proposal, Equal Nurse Benefits and a Fair Wage Increase Brigham Nurses Stood up for Patients and Their Profession, Ensuring Safe Staffing, Improving Security and Protecting New Nurse Benefits After Voting in Historic Numbers for One-Day Strike Brigham Nurses Stood up for Patients and Their Profession, Ensuring Safe Staffing, Improving Security and Protecting New Nurse Benefits Thank you for supporting Brigham nurses!Baker to stop proposed regulations and ensure safety for all patients November 10, 2016, a.m. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Boston, MA The Charge Against Steward is the Third Filed by Holy Family Nurses Since March, with the First Two Charges Filed by Nurses at the Holy Family Haverhill Campus as the Employer Refuses to Provide Legally Required Information to Bargain New Contracts Members of the Community Health Care Initiative and BFMC nurses are coming together to encourage Baystate Health to keep care local and safe All are welcome! The Commonwealth of Massachusetts could allow unlicensed administration of medication to ALL patients in ALL health care settings. 3-year agreement between hospital and RNs includes increase to wages, time off benefits and staffing improvements to ensure quality patient care Learn what you can do Nurses Fight for Safe Patient Care and Prepare for Largest RN Strike in State History Unless BWH/Partners Offers Fair Deal Valuing Patients Over Profits Largest nurse strike in Massachusetts history planned for June 27 unless BWH/Partners Health Care puts safe patient care and nurses above corporate profits Cuts to Nurse Staffing for Patients with Severe Respiratory Conditions Jeopardizing Patients' Safety Nurses voted 95% to authorize a one-day strike, scheduled for Monday, June 27, to protest BWH/Partners Health Care putting corporate greed above safe patient care and nurses Nurses voted 95% to authorize a one-day strike, scheduled for Monday, June 27, unless BWH/Partners Health Care offers a fair settlement that puts safe patient care and nurses above corporate profits Nurses voted overwhelmingly Monday to approve a one-day strike to protest the hospital’s corporate greed and refusal to value safe patient care and nurses above profits and outrageous executive pay Nurses Held Overwhelmingly Positive – 95% – Vote to Authorize Strike at Brigham and Women’s Hospital BWH/Partners Health Care’s Refuses to Value Patients and Nurses More Than Corporate Profit Margins Brigham nurses will vote to authorize a one-day strike on June 13.

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