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A spokesman for the Barson family told the Daily Mail: 'The amount of pain the family is feeling right now is enormous.' The family are now seeking unspecified damages for loss of companionship for both Linda and their family, loss of earnings, pain and suffering, and medical and funeral expenses.Mr Barson's wife said Miss Williams' SUV 'suddenly darted' into the intersection and there was no time to stop before she crashed into the side of the tennis star's vehicle.The Grand Slam champion was trying to get across a junction when she was hit from the side by another car.

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Chicago is south and east of Park Ridge, and Niles and unincorporated Maine Township are to its north.The photos from the crash scene show the Barsons' vehicle crashed on the side of the road, with the front of the 2016 Hyundai Accent completely crumpled in on itself.The airbags appear to have deployed in the front, and the back windows are shattered.His wife was taken to hospital with injuries including a cracked sternum and multiple broken bones.A diagram on the police report shows Miss Williams' car in the middle of the junction with the Barsons' vehicle hitting its side.

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