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JACK MCBRAYER: If it starts out cold, tin foil will keep it cold.

On Thursday evening’s broadcast of “Conan,” Baldwin went head-to-head against several of the late-night show’s staffers, prompting what they called a “Trump-off.” “Some people feel compelled to do their Trump impersonation for me,” Baldwin said to O’Brien of his public encounters.The nearly one-third acre hillside property recently underwent an extensive two-year overhaul during which the hillside at the back of the house was re-engineered and a large retaining wall added that created a flat promontory with million dollar views of the surrounding canyons, the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory and downtown.Say what you will about Los Angeles but living in Land with a view like this house has is akin to living in Chicago with a view of the lake or in Brooklyn with a distant view on Manhattan.The honey-colored hardwood floors in the living/dining room run into the cozy but well-arranged kitchen that includes a vintage range, built-in wine fridge, pantry storage, a center work island and flat-fronted cabinets with nipple-like knobs.A day-dreamy corner window that allows the dishwasher to ponder the iconic Hollywood sign as they scrub the devil out of the frying pan.

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