Formatting not updating

Add multiple conditions to a rule by selecting Add Condition (AND).

Watch this video to see the steps for applying conditional formatting to pivot tables cells.

To automatically change cell values based on criteria, you'll want to use a formula.

More on Using Formulas in Smartsheet can be found here.

For rows that meet the condition, apply a color to the card border in Card View or the Gantt and Calendar bars in Gantt View or Calendar View.

A color will be applied to a card, Gantt bar, or calendar bar only if you've applied the rule to the entire row.

In this example, the Date field is in the Rows area, Territory is in the Columns area and Sales Amount is in the Values area.

We want to highlight the sales amounts that are above average.

The sheet owner and collaborators with Admin access to the sheet can create, delete, and disable conditional formatting rules.Actually, deleting a whole Section suffers the same issues as deleting just a Break, but that isn't really relevant here.Of particular interest at the moment are Headers and Footers.Conditional formatting rules are used to automatically apply formatting to cells based on the values they contain.NOTE: The Conditional Formatting feature applies formatting only: that is, it won't change cell values.

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