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Something as simple as a kiss on the hand or wearing that shirt she bought you will go the furthest and melt her heart. Here are 24 unusual, quirky things a guy can do to make his girlfriend fall for him all over again: Even if she looks completely smudged and swollen, you know she's still the cutest thing in the world.If she hates your beard, would it really kill you to shave it?However, because Rb substitutes for K in minerals and these minerals have different K/Ca ratios, the minerals will have had different Rb/Sr ratios.

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The recent news article on a meteorite that originated on the moon was able to list the major impact events it experienced while on the moon, and to date them.

It stated that this is possible because each event melted part of it, and thus the atomic clock of that part was reset.

So how does melting a stone cause decayed radioactive elements to return to their original form? The same question applies to dating the solar system.

Now, I may have seen this as a quote on Instagram at some point, but sometimes we're lucky enough to find a soul that grooves with ours. Our boyfriends are just so cute and annoying and sweet and clueless and wonderful and… Our boys make our hearts swell and our heads cloudy. We're baffled when our men think when we say, “I'm fine,” it means we actually are fine.

Yes, we ladies do get a little coo-coo-crazy when we fall in love. We don't understand why our boyfriends don't talk to their parents about us.

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