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Après un test de 3 mois, je trouve ce PC excellent, mais avec quelque défaut bien sûr.

Here’s what we’ve got waiting for you in our latest release: plan, you’ll be able to try video and screen sharing free for 30 days. Get on the same page (literally) by sharing your screen so you can work together on any project.

Make sure you update your Hip Chat to the latest version.

I insert a local Pi camera and USB webcam works great, Thanks !

there are four USB ports on raspberry Pi 3, it would be too heavy for raspberry pi 3 if plugging in 4 USB webcam and one local camera? I have run three USB cameras along with the Raspcam camera total of four (I ran out of USB cameras).

“The online pictures give people the opportunity to view real time conditions, avoid congestion, and to have smoother and safer journeys.” Webcams also operate in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

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