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Catalan nanotechnology engineer Sergi Santos holds the head of Samantha, a sex doll packed with artificial intelligence providing her the capability to respond to different scenarios and verbal stimulus, in his house in Rubi, north of Barcelona, Spain, March 31, 2017.

LONDON (Reuters) - Move over blow-up dolls, the sex robots are here.

It is Fillon's campaign, though, that has been hit by scandal.

On Monday he apologised for what he said was an error of judgment regarding the employment of family members, but said his wife's work had been genuine and legal and vowed to fight on.

Transgender individuals are allowed to change their legal gender and since 2009, France became the first country in the world to declassify transgenderism as a mental illness.

France has frequently been named one of the most gay friendly countries in the world.

"If you're told I lead a double life with Mr Gallet, it's because my hologram has escaped," Macron told supporters, referring to Radio France chief executive Mathieu Gallet.

A spokeswoman said the comments were "a clear denial of the rumours about his private life".

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The French government says the law aims to curb violence against women and protect those prostitutes who are the victims of human traffickers, but activists and sex workers have taken to the streets in protest of the measures which they worry will scare away clients and impinge on their rights to sell their bodies.

However, a lesser known indecent exposure law that often targeted homosexuals was introduced in 1960 before being repealed twenty years later.

The age of consent for same-sex sexual activity was altered more than once before being equalized in 1982 under then–President of France François Mitterrand.

Clients would face a either a fine of 1,500 euros (,040), or have to attend an awareness course showing the often degrading conditions in which prostitution takes place, or both. The prostitutes would be offered help to leave the trade, including finding jobs and housing.

Foreigners would receive help with obtaining legal residency.

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