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"It's a true depiction of someone's entire life, and doesn't require any nudity or sex."You might be rolling your eyes about watching regular, non-naked people surfing the internet, but Press thinks there are enough voyeurs out there to make it work.

"We're confident people will want to share and watch it." Should you just want the highlights, participants can also create Snapchat-style stories featuring video sequences from the past 24 hours.

She helped Ed Koch win New York's 1977 mayoral race, deflecting rumours of his homosexuality with her constant presence at his side.

"The immaculate deception" cynics called it after the couple shared an election-night victory kiss.

That gives ordinary folks the chance to broadcast their lives, with or without sexual activity, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In exchange, you get up to three 720P webcams, paid internet service and 0 per month.

For several days our country was held up as progressive and forward-thinking for giving a marginalised citizen a 'fair go'.

It's not the first time Australia has shown itself to be enlightened.

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Organisers urged her to change her name to something less Jewish – they suggested "Betty Merrick" – but she refused. " from Jews in the audience, she later recalled thinking, "This victory is theirs." Not content with the stereotypical role of Miss America, she went on a speaking tour for the Anti-Defamation League.She landed a series of TV jobs, from game show hostess to reporter, before her appointment as New York's chief consumer watchdog in 1969.She was the second daughter of Russian immigrants, raised in a one-bedroom Bronx apartment.Cam Soda may be a relatively small porn industry player, but it has embraced new technology by offering things like holographic girls and virtual blowjobs.Now, it's trying to meld two other popular attractions: amateur performers and live webcams with an offering called Life Stream.

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