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4) Men had the same problem but overcame it Back in the 1930s, four men were arrested for going topless to Coney Island. The ‘Free The Nipple’ movement has been around for a few years, but has just enjoyed a new surge in popularity after Scout Willis, the 22-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, wandered around New York topless. Free The Nipple recently tweeted a picture of the old logo. 3) Starbucks did it Before Starbucks become a public company – and mandatory drinking material for anyone who wants to look like a high flier – their logo featured a topless mermaid.Many difficulties of aging are linked to an inactive lifestyle.And while your chronological age may be 55, your biological age can be 35 -- if you follow a consistent exercise program.

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    It also is home to Trinity College, a private liberal arts college, and the Mark Twain House where the author wrote his most famous works and raised his family, among other historically significant attractions.

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    * You can pause or freeze the image if you would like to take your time to study it or adjust the contrast. * In low light conditions, you can use the camera flash for lighting up what you are viewing (only available on models with flashes) * Change the display mode and magnification to best match your vision * Color Video - provides color video, great for looking at photos and magazines * B&W Video - provides grayscale video * Highlights - provides a high contrast image in two colors.