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Dhoni's stint at the helm had more ups than downs, and he called it amazing. It's good to have players like you (looking at Yuvraj), the job becomes much more easier.And enjoyed my 10 years, hopefully I will enjoy more whatever I have." Referring to Yuvraj's six consecutive sixes in the inaugural World T20, Dhoni said, "Thanks to you I witnessed the six sixes from the best seat." Dhoni was at the non-striker's end while Yuvraj bludgeoned Stuart Broad. We’re approaching the final quarter of 2014, and this new series will show you how to get more sales for your coaching, consulting, or information product business. When I pored through 5,000 survey responses, 1000s of blog comments, and a countless number of emails, I noticed that business owners of all types all needed one thing: MORE SALES.

A reliable client should have a payment method verified with the marketplace.

Scammers are not only targeting you via emails or lucrative ads, they are also common on Upwork (formerly o Desk), and other freelancing marketplaces.

If you are not cautious, it is easy to fall prey to scams on Upwork or Freelancer. Legitimate buyers would always make their requirements clear in the job description.

I didn’t know how much it was going to cost, or even what days they were planning to go, but it didn’t matter. I run my own business, set my own vacation times, and I was going to go no matter what. On the other hand, you can reinvest the additional revenue back into your business, to keep your customers happy, to eliminate stress from your life, and more.

Back when I started, I was officially a bootstrapper.

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