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When a Scottish warrior lends his aid, she is more than relieved...until he surprises her with lingering kisses and caresses that prove her disguise hasn't fooled him.As their passion ignites, will the secrets of the scroll force a wedding..lead to a love she's never known?

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And that in being a Victim as a consequence of being Vulnerable you are somehow empowered to take it out on everybody else you see on the public highways, especially car drivers and pedestrians.

The adults are Vegas-bound when Jay hooks them up with Excelsior Level hotel accommodations courtesy of one of his big clients, but after learning there's an even higher level, Jay becomes obsessed with upgrading. Claire had a chance to win back the money she lost on a girl's weekend in Vegas that was earmarked for their 25th Anniversary with Phil, Phil had a chance to get into a secret society of magicians, and Mitchell had a chance to make amends with Langham, who Mitchell dumped over an email back in the day.

Meanwhile, everyone's sneaking around when Claire secretly hits the tables to win back money she lost years ago, Phil goes underground auditioning for a secret society of magicians, Cam ducks out of a spa day with Mitch to join their friend's bachelor party shenanigans, and Gloria is determined to hide a female version of dog butler Barkley from Jay. Langham was marrying Tim and they were having a big-time bachelor party during the weekend. And it would have helped Cam's distaste of The Kilty Pleasures all-male dance revue if he would stop staring at the poster.

The family..adults, anyway...headed to Las Vegas to stay at the Mandalay Bay (flying on Jet Blue...yes, it was advertising). Tim gave Mitchell and Cameron an itinerary of the weekend. Phil takes off to find the secret door to the secret magic society, feeling the guilt of Claire freezing him out.

Jay had created a series of luxury closets for their high-roller rooms and the chairman, Burt Tanner, gave them some comped rooms on the Excelsior level as a thank you. Or the guilt of thier private butler, Leslie Higgins, finding Phil's trick handcuffs and whip and immediately assuming the wrong thing.

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