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Warning: What you are about to see in a video that has quickly gone viral on Tuesday is very likely NSFW.

It's unclear if this is definitely what's happening in the video, but the clip appears to show a security guard working at a Chargers game on Sunday and discreetly masturbating with a hand in his pocket near a group of Chargers cheerleaders.

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This digital rectal exam and rectal sonogram must take place during the initial health care consultation before an elective vasectomy is performed, a prescription is given for Viagra, or a colonoscopy is performed.

Her attempt to compare [HB 4260] to the abortion issue shows a lack of a basic understanding of human biology.

They referred to the "inappropriate actions of an Elite staff member" in their statement and revealed that they are "investigating" what took place.

You can read their statement here: Elite has become aware of the social media post of inappropriate actions of an Elite staff member at Qualcomm Stadium on December 18th.

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This is when the cervix opens after they become aroused, Anthony Santella and Spring Chenoa Cooper, from the University of Sydney, previously said.

Writing for The Conversation, they added: 'Tenting stretches the cervix, and thus the cervical mucous.'This enables fluid circulation, allowing cervical fluids full of bacteria to be flushed out.' But he did have concerns for those who tend to take longer to climax, as this could cause them to be frustrated.

The measure also requires a 24-hour waiting period for anyone seeking a Viagra prescription, a vasectomy, or a colonoscopy after their initial consultation, during which they would be issued a pamphlet called “A Man’s Right to Know.” Under state law, women seeking abortions are issued a pamphlet called “A Woman’s Right to Know” and must submit to a transvaginal ultrasound at least 24 hours prior to undergoing the procedure.

Farrar’s bill suggests similar requirements for men: An attending physician must administer a medically-unnecessary digital rectal exam and magnetic resonance imagining of the rectum before administering an elective vasectomy or colonoscopy procedure, or prescribing Viagra.

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