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They were just a couple of greenhorns from Pittsburgh, but the Kolb brothers knew the greatest photo op in the West when they saw it. The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway had just begun service to the Grand Canyon.

Then as now, the saddled-up tourists and their mules would clip-clop down the switchback trail into the vast chasm, denying vertigo, approaching infinity.

By the time those tourists returned that night to the rim, the Kolbs would have prints to sell them — proof of the travelers' valor and the canyon's desolate beauty, all in one frame.

Near Sedona, dozens of residents who were evacuated from scenic Oak Creek Canyon because of a 4,200-acre wildfire a week ago returned to their homes Saturday as crews reinforced the lines around the blaze, officials said."I get to go home, take a shower and put on some clean clothes," said 23-year-old Dustin Johnson, who stayed with his brother in a nearby town during the evacuation.

Still hundreds more residents from the roughly 430 homes lining the narrow canyon in northern Arizona must continue to stay elsewhere.

Fire officials said the fire was 20 percent contained, with full containment predicted by Wednesday.

Oil paintings, watercolors and prints dating from the 1850s to the 1950s capture the ecological, sociological and visual diversity of the Grand Canyon, while showcasing a range of artistic styles such as naturalism, impressionism, and abstraction.

Hays Collection, includes 100 striking and historically important portrayals of one of the world’s most revered natural wonders.

Open only from May 15 to October 15, the rim ranks as one of the least-visited corners of the national parks system.

Its 500,000 visitors a year equals a tenth of the 5 million people who visit the South Rim annually, and a quarter of the 2 million who pass through the gates each year at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

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