6 5 push pages not updating

The One Signal plugin team would like to request a CDN exception on URLs including the string "onesignal-free-web-push-notifications". When the permission prompt is shown, the icons are downloaded locally to your system.

Could you please add the above string to the exception list? Unless the permission is revoked, your visitor will not see your updated icon set.

Web hosts often misunderstand the HTTP loopback as meaning the loopback device. If you cannot resolve this situation (such as the host being unwilling to unblock these) you a workaround is to enable the Word Press Alternate Cron setting in your file as a workaround.

Please follow this guide to remotely access your mobile Chrome's Developer Tools console.

Then visit your site again and subscribe to notifications.

The moment you see the permission prompt, the new icons will be downloaded to your system and you should see them right away on the permission prompt.

Although late to the party, Ionic 2 Side Menu and Tabs repository has been updated to reflect how to create Side Menu and Tabs using the latest of Ionic 2.

Word Press' simulated cron works by having the site connect back to itself via curl (or other available fallback connection method if curl in unavailable) to trigger actions to take place behind the scene. PHP needs to be able to use Curl to load your site via its public URL.

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